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Our Mission

Rosegate Furever Home is committed to providing safety, security and comfort to pets of all ages. We provide neglected and abandoned dogs and cats a peaceful home with dignity and compassion for the rest of their lives.

Rosegate Furever Home is a small home base, 501(c)3 non-profit organization located in rural MN. It is run by my husband,

and myself as a way to express our caring for all animals. We limit the number of animals that we care for so that all of the animals get along well and have a loving home. Our motto is “A Home Where Life Is A Joy”. To help create that harmony we

do not accept animals that are aggressive or possessive. We are open to working with alternative medicine, and have worked with cats experiencing anxiety, weight management, and emotional bonding issues as well as cancer, chronic kidney disease or severe skin condition. We have agreements with several individuals within our community to take care of their dogs when their owners cross over. This gives the owners peace of mind that their pets will stay in a safe environment and will be well cared for.

Life often takes turns we did not see coming and when, as care providers, we fail our furry friends, who will take them in?

Older dogs/cats have less time and more health issues, which can be concerning to prospective adoption leaving them with

few choices. Rosegate Furever Home lets seniors be spoiled along with youngsters. They all deserve that comfort in their lives.

We will be their final family and provide what circumstances they could not control has taken from them. Pet owners who love and respect their pets either for hunting, herding or family companion would ever think of giving up their pets. Then I walk them down the dark road where a parent goes into a nursing home or dies. No one can take the dog and cat in due to their own conditions, be it housing or lifestyle or the considerable problems they think the old, blind, incontinent or epileptic dog/cat will bring unto them they look for a friend to help but the same problems come to mind for each asked. Worse, some people just decide to close their hearts and say it is too much work or worry so they decide to either place the dog/cat in a pound or into the great void. The people I explained this to quickly understand the need for homes like this and wonder why there are not more. The task is an immense one but when a dream becomes a vision it must be followed with wide eyes in wonder.

Why could it not become a reality? We have most of the basics available to us and the rest will come with faith and

footsteps one after the other. If you would like to read about Rosie and how she came to us, and how she changed our lives

as a true fundation of Rosegate Furever Home.

The home is not open to the public, as it is a full-time residence for the care providers,

and for the animals that we care for.

Katalin E. Csikos

Barabbas M. Gould

The beginning... It was not until I had reached a mature age that I experienced the amazing and pure love a dog can give. I suspect this unconditional form of love will never be extended to me again unless a dog offers it. This dog, named Rosie, was an unexpected gift into my life. We had little warning of how important she would become to us. My new husband and I had moved to a new location on the Big Island of Hawai'i and he had taken on a new client with two separate properties to maintain. Upon working at this clients up mountain cabin, he discovered an older dog there that was not the clients. Upon inquiring it was discovered that a sad and sordid tale of abuse and neglect was this poor aging dogs history. As a puppy the original owners of this cabin had the beginnings of a wonderful life. An off grid log cabin with diversified land, on a mountain side of the big Island of Hawai'i, with youth, love and a young daughter. They had gardens and chickens and decided a dog would compliment their lives. So Rosie the chubby puppy was founded by the wayside in a cardboard box. It seems that the mother and daughter loved her and their time together was joyous. Then a darkness crept in. For whatever reasons the husband became troubled. Anger and then abuse followed him home. Rosie was fearful of loud noises, work style boots, sticks or rod like objects, certain curse words and the smell of alcohol. These became seared into her emotional psyche and all the attempts at love and care could not erase that abuse. When these people and their life imploded, Rosie was abandoned on the property, alone, confused and broken. The client my husband contracted with was renting this cabin and as amazing as it sounds, poor Rosie came with it as part of the property. He had several dogs of his own already and a stern, paramilitary approach to training dogs that was not going to work or help Rosie to heal. She was now to be neglected and pushed to the bottom of the other dogs order and had to fend for herself with little spirit to achieve. As my husband went about his work on the property, he and Rosie started to bond. This communion came home with him in tales of their days together. I could tell it was right to take Rosie in with us. For her and us and the balance of life. I kept this decision to myself as I pondered the impact it would mean to all concerned. The day came to meet her, she greeted me with a strange but joyful rolling dance in the dust and howls of happiness to be the object of attention.​ I loved her right away and waited only a day to ask of my husband would he like to bring her home? I knew he had always had dogs growing up. I already knew he would like to take in Rosie but 'dog-napping' was another concern so our final step was to inquire of the client. ​​He was more than happy to say yes and one day the truck pulled into our driveway, the tailgate opened and out of the dark came a shy and scared Rosie. I called her name and she was so happy. She was given a bath, dinner bowls, a pile of toys and her own bed. It all awaited her arrival. She was more pleased to be rolling in beds and lounging without care. She had become loved and awoken to her new life with an unbounded spirit. This spirit of hers grew inside her and us and she became a chubby old dog with a real family. We gave her the ending of life story she deserved and parents tell their children about in fairy tales. At the age of fourteen, our poor old Rosie passed on. Years of fear and physical abuse, sleeping on a soggy piece of foam outside in the high mountain air had set arthritis and joint problems deep and though she gave us all her love, time took her physical being and freed her soul and spirit to the eternal. This is the compelling thought and emotion that has risen in our life to create a place for older dogs and cats to live out their lives in peace and comfort.

•How Can You Help•

We are always in need of quality pet foods, supplements and of course treats.

Needless to say that with a sanctuary for older pets there will be veterinary visits

and well being concerns. ALL the proceeds of a sale go to supporting

Rosegate Furever Home

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